Send in your Railway Stand memories - UPDATED

Posted : 16th August 2010 at 20:58:40

The next news item on this website will provide details about the demise of the Railway Stand.

While this is an exciting time and a time when hopefully Windsor Park can be enhanced and improved, it is also a time of reflection as a familiar landmark will vanish from the landscape for good. is asking supporters to submit their memories of the Railway Stand and the best ones will be featured on this site, by way of tribute and farewell to an old "friend".

Submit your memories to the editor at

1. I was in the Railway stand on the day when George Best`s "Goal" against the great Gordon Banks of England was Disallowed. And for a few N.Ireland and Linfield games. Great memories. But I agree it's time to knock it down and rebuild a new stand

Raymond - Newtownabbey

2. I will always remember the Railway Stand from 2 childhood memories. The 1st being the 1983 Irish Cup Final against Glentoran, because the Glenmen packed it out in those days and I remember thinking it looked fantastic (I know that sounds bad coming from a blueman).

The other when I was in the Railway Stand was when we played Shamrock Rovers in the European Cup. The atmosphere in the stand that night was electric, given the fact it is so small and with a low roof and I don't think I sat on my seat all night.

Will be sad to see it go but we have to move on.

Barry (Carrickfergus)

3. I don't have particular stories to tell but I thought you might like to see the photo below, which is unusual in that it shows baseball being played at Windsor during the 2nd World War, with the "home plate" set up at the corner flag at what is now the Viewing Lounge corner of the ground.

The other memory I'm sure many will recall is that the roof of the stand provided a "free"vantage point for some hardy spectators during international games! I recall one or two brave souls climbing on to it during the 70s!

Best wishes.

Joe Cassells

4. I don’t have that many memories of the Railway Stand, as I was very rarely in it. The two memories that do stand out though would be my first memory of it and my last memory of it. My first memory of it was me, my dad and my sister sitting in it the first time my dad took us to an international game. It was against the Faroe Islands in the early 1990s. I can’t remember if it was a qualifier or just a friendly but it was a 1-1 draw and I really enjoyed it, as I was very young at the time and it was my first time at an international game. My last memory of it was sitting in it on Boxing Day 2006. The South and Kop Stands had sold out so I had to sit in the Railway Stand that day. We drew 1-1 with the Glens and I remember Windsor being really packed out that day with a fantastic atmosphere at the game. I think that was maybe one of the last times the Railway Stand was used.

Andy, East Antrim

5.Hallejula! I will toast the demolition of the Railway Stand, with an ice cold beer. This eyesore should have been demolished over twenty years ago. I am a regular at Windsor Park and have rarely missed a Northern Ireland match in over twenty years. We are light years behind English grounds. About time we redeveloped Windsor, can't wait for the rest of the ground to be upgraded. A 22,000 capacity is more than suffice. I believe we are now entering a new epoch, both in regards 21st century stadium, and qualifying, again for major tournaments.

Al - Belfast

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