Season ticket renewals

Posted : 9th September 2019 at 21:24:15

Linfield FC would like to thank the 85% of last year’s members / season ticket holders in all categories, who to date have renewed their members / season ticket for the season now underway.

In addition, Linfield FC would like to thank the large number of supporters who’ve taken out a new season ticket for the current season.

To gain admission to Saturday’s Windsor Park game against Glentoran, Linfield supporters must have either renewed (or bought) their season ticket, or be in possession of a match ticket for the game.

Season tickets which have not been renewed are not valid for Saturday’s game.

To assist the 15% of members / season ticket holders who’ve still to renew their members / season ticket and to assist supporters who want to acquire a new season ticket, the Linfield office will be open as follows in the remainder of this week.

Tuesday - Friday inclusive - 11am until 3pm excluding lunch break of 1pm until 1.30pm.

Please be aware there is no on site parking provision on Tuesday.

It is possible to renew existing season tickets by telephone.

There is no facility to renew / apply for season tickets in the pre match period before Wednesday’s County Antrim Shield game or Saturday’s Big Two Derby.

Supporters applying for new age related discounted season tickets are reminded of the need to provide evidence of date of birth.

Supporters who applied for season tickets before July 13, can collect their new season ticket from the office during the times highlighted above.

Supporters collecting season tickets are asked to produce their receipt and where appropriate, their temporary season ticket or their out of date season ticket being replaced.

There will be a very small number of season ticket holders who will not be in possession of either a season ticket or a temporary season ticket and they are asked to contact the office during the highlighted times above, to make arrangements to gain admission to Saturday’s game.

Linfield FC would place on record the club’s appreciation for the cooperation and loyalty of supporters during this renewal process.

The club would encourage the remainder of supporters still to renew / apply for new season tickets, to do so during the highlighted times.

This club is gearing up to centrally cancel cards which have not been renewed and naturally, the club is anxious to cancel as few as possible.

There has been so much positivity around Linfield FC in recent months and the club wants to see many more renewals and new applications in the coming days.

Season tickets ordered since July 13 will be passed to the printers at the end of this month and the cards are due to be received in mid October. Until the new cards are received, supporters are asked to utilise the temporary season ticket issued at the time of purchase.

The final deadline for renewals / new applications in all categories is September 30.
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