Uncollected members / season tickets

Posted : 10th September 2021 at 08:11:12

Yesterday Linfield FC began a process of dispatching a significant number of uncollected members / season tickets to supporters.

Most of the cards are now in the postal system and some may even arrive on the doorstep today.

A few days before the next home game (v Coleraine on September 18) can any member or season ticket holder who hasn’t received their ticket contact tickets@linfieldfc.com so that the matter can be addressed.

Supporters who receive their card are asked to contact the same email address with any queries such as

- details on the card are incorrect

- address on the envelope is incorrect

- the card is in the wrong category of season ticket

- the card has been duplicated

In a few short weeks, a large number of orders have been received, cards printed and in most cases collected, and now the remainder have been dispatched.

The cards are valid for next Saturday’s home league game against Coleraine and so that the club can maintain as accurate as possible a data base, supporters with any outstanding queries such as the examples quoted above are asked to contact tickets@linfieldfc.com

Members who have still to renew membership, must do so before the end of this month and supporters can still purchase season tickets in all the various categories, via the online ticketing section of this website.

The cards celebrate the centenary of the historic 1921-22 Seven Trophy Winning Linfield team, led by its legendary captain Bob Wallace.

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